Free training classes to prepare your business for Brexit

Your Local Enterprise Offices are continuing to offer free
training classes to prepare your business for trading with the
UK after 31.12.20. They ask…

  • Are you Importing or Exporting to/from the UK?
  • Do your goods pass through the UK on route to other markets?
  • Will you continue to Trade with the UK in 16 weeks’ time?
  • Have you ever traded with a NON-EU Country?
  • Do you or someone in your business understand about import/export procedures?

These changes will cost your business time and money! On 1
January 2021 the UK will become a NON- EU Country –
Regardless of any trade talks – this is the reality…..Are you

Go to the following website to check classes in your area.

Brexit negotiations

On Wednesday 1st September, the Institute of International & European Affairs (IIEA) held a keynote address presented by Michel Barnier, Head of the Task Force for the European Commission, negotiating with the UK.

Although careful not to give too much away, Michel Barnier did indicate the negotiations are heading towards a deadline of late October to ensure any trade agreement is given time for ratification in the UK Parliament and European Union Council. One stumbling block in these negotiations is the myriad of issues undermining the Fisheries agreement.

In the UK, transport trade body Logistics UK (formerly Freight Transport Association) released this statement from their Director of Policy, Elizabeth de Jong, warning “Around 200,000 UK businesses currently trade with Europe, and it is imperative that they protect their supply chains
as the UK completes its departure from the EU. While the government continues its negotiations with the EU with the aim of achieving a Free Trade Agreement, there is still much that UK traders can do now to ensure that the goods they depend upon continue to flow across
our borders”.

Knowledge is power and so it is beneficial to adopt the attitude to attend any Brexit seminar or webinar offered to you. With that in mind , Enterprise Ireland offer several webinars at this link

Brexit countdown

Just a little reminder …less than 120 days to go before Brexit begins 11pm 31.12.20

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