New Requirements for Container Weight Verification

According to a new rule introduced by International Maritime Organisation as of 1 July 2016 a container can be loaded on the ship for export only if it’s weight has been verified by shipper. The rule is to be applied globally, but if the container will be passing through the transshipment port it doesn’t need to be re-weighed if the terminal was notified about the weight in advance.

There are two methods available to shippers:

  • Weighing a packed container
  • Weighing the contents and adding tare weight as indicated on containers door end

Estimates are not allowed and weighing equipment must be calibrated and certified according to national standards. To make life easier for shippers weighing can be done by their representatives, for instance freight forwarders.

When accepting container a carrier may rely on shipper’s verification signed by shipper’s representative, since the responsibility rests with shipper. In case of co-loading same rule applies, the shipper named on bill of lading bears responsibility for the weight verification of the entire container and cannot simply rely on details provided by co-loaders.

Feel free to consult us about possible impact of the new rule and find out about help we can offer to shippers.

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